Generator Rentals

Sage Oil Services focuses on 350KW natural gas generators in West Texas / New Mexico and smaller 50KW and 80KW in South Texas.

Natural gas generator rentals offer a reliable, cost-effective power solution for many applications in areas that do not have line power. These engines can run on dual fuel sources – wellhead / flare gas and propane. To ensure run time, they are equipped to automatically switch to fuels such as liquid propane in the event that these gases are not available or inconsistent. These features allow your operation to cut costly fuel drops as well as lowering harmful diesel fuel emissions into the environment. This also alleviates the potential for fuel spills that can cost countless dollars to clean up and has had the EPA concerned about for years

Rental Generators Maintenance & Uptime

With a background in portable power and focus on mobile maintenance, our primary goal is to maintain 100% uptime for our customers. Preventative maintenance is a top priority because it drives uptime. All generators go through a comprehensive evaluation and testing before they are put on location. Once in the field, we follow strict maintenance schedules, per manufacturer specifications, to ensure they continue running at optimum levels.


Natural Gas generators meet & exceed EPA requirements. They run on both field gas and propane which are much more environmentally friendly than consuming diesel fuel.


We maintain 98+% uptime through our rigorous preventative maintenance program


Our generators are built with industrial grade engines, fuel systems and alternators.

Fuel Delivery

We are partners with local fuel delivery companies and can provide propane and natural gas delivery services if needed. This allows us to replace diesel generators with clean-fuel burning Natural Gas units.

Electrical Distribution

We can provide wide range of electrical distribution equipment including equipment to parallel generators together.
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